• Jun 18, 2023


Research Summary

The article covers a range of topics including ETH staking, East vs. West regulatory environments, stablecoins, Optimism’s outlook, CCTP & Bridge Wars, onchain activity, BTC ordinals & inscriptions, ETH burn, and improving fluidity. It highlights the potential influx of users to Optimism’s Superchain, the increasing percentage of ETH staked, and the impact of regulatory environments on crypto companies.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Regulatory Developments: The article highlights the contrasting regulatory environments in the East and West. It suggests that the hostile regulatory climate in the U.S. is pushing crypto companies offshore, while other regions are more welcoming. This could impact the global distribution of crypto innovation and economic benefits.
  • Assess Investor Behavior: The article discusses the potential influx of users to Optimism’s Superchain and the increasing percentage of ETH staked. These trends could have significant implications for the value of these platforms and their underlying tokens.
  • Stay Informed on Exchange Activity: The article notes that despite the reduction in fees, users of ETH have remained sticky. This suggests that fee cost may not be a significant driver of user adoption.

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