Research Summary

The report highlights that digital asset investment products saw inflows of US$137m last week, and the total inflows for the past four weeks amount to US$742m, marking the largest run of inflows since the final quarter of 2021. Bitcoin dominated the inflows with US$140m, accounting for 99% of all inflows. Despite recent price appreciation, Ethereum saw outflows of US$2m last week. The report also notes that trading volumes on investment products are well above the year average of US$1.4bn, totaling US$2.3bn for the last week.

Actionable Insights

  • Investment in Bitcoin remains strong: Bitcoin saw inflows totaling US$140m, making up 99% of all inflows.
  • Ethereum sees outflows despite price appreciation: Ethereum experienced outflows of US$2m last week, even with recent price increases.
  • Trading volumes are above the yearly average: Trading volumes on investment products exceeded the yearly average of US$1.4bn, reaching US$2.3bn last week.
  • North America leads in inflows: The inflows were primarily focused on North America, with inflows of US$109m and US$28m in the US and Canada respectively.

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