Research Summary:

The article is a guide to the world of Web3 Gaming. It provides updates on the latest game releases, the best gaming mints, and the newest gaming projects.

Actionable Insights:

  • Monitor Game Releases: Stay updated on the latest game releases such as Abyss World’s Initial DEX offering, Illuvium’s Zero Alpha Season 1, and Rumble Kong League’s first public alpha test.
  • Track NFT Mints: Keep an eye on the latest NFT mints like Dragonโ€™s Crossing’s Genesis hero mint, Portal Fantasy’s Shiny Obsidadile NFT Mint, and Raini: The Lords of Light’s NFT Drop.
  • Follow Gaming Projects: Follow new gaming projects like Affyn’s Buddy Arena, Galaxy Throne’s Open Pre-Alpha Test, and Fusionist’s Astral Access Mint.
  • Stay Informed on Game Launches: Stay informed on game launches such as Dragon’s Crossing’s game launch and Galaxy Throne’s Open Alpha for their sci-fi strategy game.

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