Research Summary

The article provides a comprehensive update on the latest developments in the world of Web3 Gaming. It covers a range of topics, including the launch of Argus Labs’ Genesis NFT on Zora, the opening of signups for METAPIXEL’s Gran Saga’s 2nd Playtest, and the debut of Bushi’s Game & Battlepass NFT Mint. The article also provides a catalogue of updates from various gaming platforms.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor New Launches: Argus Labs has launched its Genesis NFT on Zora, and Bushi has debuted its Game & Battlepass NFT Mint. These launches could present new opportunities for investors and gamers alike.
  • Stay Updated on Playtests: METAPIXEL has opened signups for Gran Saga’s 2nd Playtest. This could be a chance for gamers to experience the game and provide valuable feedback.
  • Follow Web3 Gaming Updates: The article provides a comprehensive list of updates from various gaming platforms. Staying informed about these updates can help gamers and investors make informed decisions.

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