Research Summary

The report provides updates on various gaming platforms and events. The report includes information on closed alpha playtests for Rumble Arcade and Soul Splicers, NFT mints for MixMob and RSTLSS, and game updates for Axie Infinity and Burn Ghost Games. It also features articles on on-chain games and web3 game engines.

Actionable Insights

  • Participate in Closed Alpha Playtests: Opportunities are available for Rumble Arcade and Soul Splicers.
  • Engage in NFT Mints: MixMob and RSTLSS are conducting NFT mints.
  • Stay Updated with Game Developments: Axie Infinity has introduced Axie Experience Points, making Axies dynamic NFTs that can improve with time, effort, and skill. Burn Ghost Games has announced details on Slaygrounds, a game that tests reflexes.
  • Read Relevant Articles: Articles on on-chain games and web3 game engines have been highlighted, providing insights into the current state and future of blockchain gaming.

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