Research Summary

The report provides a comprehensive update on the Layer 2 and Modular Blockchain space for the week of 19th – 24th February. It covers key developments, partnerships, and updates from various blockchain platforms including Optimism, Mantle, Polygon, Scroll, Manta Network, Aevo, Taiko, Mode, Paradex, Kroma, Fuel, Kakarot zkEVM, Kinto, Morph, ZKM, Immutable, rhinofi, ApeX Protocol,, Movement, Eclipse, Berachain, Fluent, Dymension, Caldera, Conduit, Gelato, Cartesi, and Zeeve.

Key Takeaways

Significant Developments in Layer 2 Solutions

  • Optimism’s Airdrop: Optimism announced its fourth airdrop, allocating over 10 million to more than 22,000 addresses. This move signifies the platform’s commitment to rewarding its community and fostering user engagement.
  • Polygon’s Partnerships and Upgrades: Polygon announced several significant developments, including partnerships with Arianne and Starkware, the introduction of a fast proving system called “Circle Stark”, and a transition to Polygon portal for its wallet. These developments highlight Polygon’s continuous efforts to enhance its platform and expand its ecosystem.
  • Scroll’s Protocol Upgrade: Scroll launched its first-ever protocol upgrade, slashing bridging costs by 50%. This upgrade demonstrates Scroll’s focus on improving user experience and reducing transaction costs.

Emerging Trends in Modular Blockchain

  • Manta Network’s Reward Claim: Manta Network announced the end of its New Paradigm rewards claim, indicating a shift in its reward distribution strategy.
  • Mode’s Developments: Mode introduced Mode DevDrop 1 and Mode Flare L3s, and announced the live status of Optimism Delta Upgrade on its platform. Additionally, Layerbank integrated with Mode, reflecting Mode’s active role in fostering collaborations and introducing new features.
  • Paradex’s Beta Launch: Paradex’s open Beta went live on the mainnet, marking a significant milestone in its development journey.

Advancements in Validium

  • Immutable’s Zero Gas Fees: Immutable announced zero gas fees for games and marketplaces on its zkEVM until September 2024. This move is likely to attract more developers and users to its platform, promoting growth and adoption.

Interoperability and Integration

  • Zeeve’s Integration with Axelar Network: Zeeve io integrated with Axelar Network, highlighting the growing trend of interoperability and cross-chain collaborations in the blockchain space.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor the Impact of Optimism’s Airdrop: Stakeholders should observe the impact of Optimism’s airdrop on user engagement and platform growth.
  • Assess the Effectiveness of Polygon’s Partnerships and Upgrades: It would be beneficial to evaluate the effectiveness of Polygon’s recent partnerships and upgrades in enhancing its platform and expanding its ecosystem.
  • Understand the Implications of Scroll’s Protocol Upgrade: Stakeholders should understand the implications of Scroll’s protocol upgrade on transaction costs and user experience.
  • Examine the Impact of Manta Network’s Reward Claim End: It’s crucial to examine the impact of the end of Manta Network’s reward claim on its user base and platform engagement.
  • Track the Progress of Paradex’s Beta Launch: Stakeholders should track the progress of Paradex’s Beta launch on the mainnet and its impact on the platform’s growth.
  • Consider the Potential of Immutable’s Zero Gas Fees: The potential of Immutable’s zero gas fees initiative to attract more developers and users to its platform should be considered.
  • Explore the Benefits of Zeeve’s Integration with Axelar Network: Stakeholders should explore the benefits of Zeeve’s integration with Axelar Network in terms of interoperability and cross-chain collaborations.

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