Research Summary

The report provides a comprehensive roundup of the latest developments in the Layer 2 and Modular Blockchain space from 3rd to 9th March. It covers updates from various projects including zkSync, Base, Polygon, Aevo, Taiko, Mode, DeGate, Paradex, Kroma, Astar Network, Kakarot zkEVM, Immutable X, ApeX, rhinofi, tanX fi, Fluent, Dymension, Saga, Caldera XYZ, Conduit, AltLayer, Karnot, Lumoz, EigenLayer, NEAR Protocol, Espresso, Fairblock, Radius, Axelar, and Omni.

Key Takeaways

Rollups and Validium

  • zkSync Partners with zkSync announced a partnership with to build a zkSync L2, a significant development in the Layer 2 space.
  • Base Builder Grants: Base announced the third wave of 2024 Base Builder Grants, indicating continued support for developers in the ecosystem.
  • Immutable X Upgrades: Immutable X announced the Ethereumโ€™s Shanghai Upgrade coming to Immutable zkEVM, which could enhance its performance and capabilities.

VM and Infra Provider (RaaS)

  • Fluent’s Integration with Celestia: Fluent announced its upcoming integration with Celestia, which will enable developers to deploy a zkWasm with Celestia underneath, offering high throughput data availability.
  • Caldera’s Partnerships: Caldera announced partnerships with Injective and Socialscan, which could enhance its ecosystem’s capabilities and transparency.

Data Availability and Sequencing

  • EigenLayer’s Security Bounty Competition: EigenLayer announced a security bounty competition, indicating its commitment to maintaining a secure ecosystem.
  • Espresso Systems’ Partnership with Across: Espresso Systems partnered with Across to bring faster and secure bridging to Ethereum Rollups and L2s, which could improve interoperability and efficiency.


  • Axelar’s Expansion: Axelar announced that it is now connecting 60 chains, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing blockchain interoperability.
  • Omni’s Staked ETH Commitment: Omni announced a commitment of $600M of staked ETH from ether fi to secure the Omni Network, indicating strong financial backing and security for its network.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor the Impact of Partnerships: The partnerships announced by zkSync, Caldera, and Espresso Systems could significantly impact their respective ecosystems. Stakeholders should monitor the developments and outcomes of these partnerships.
  • Assess the Potential of New Upgrades: The announced upgrades by Base and Immutable X could enhance their platforms’ capabilities. It would be beneficial to assess the potential impact of these upgrades on their user base and overall market position.
  • Consider the Implications of Increased Interoperability: The expansion of Axelar’s network and Omni’s staked ETH commitment could enhance the interoperability and security of their respective networks. Stakeholders should consider the implications of these developments for the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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