Research Summary

The report provides a comprehensive roundup of the latest updates and announcements in the Layer 2 and modular blockchain space. It covers a range of topics including new protocol launches, partnerships, community programs, and updates from various blockchain networks such as Lido, Mantle, Starknet, dYdX, Taiko, Linea, Loopring, Metis, Scroll, Polygon, Manta, Mode, Kroma, Public Good Network, Zora, Kinto, Lyra, Immutable, Sorare, Dymension, Saga, Vistara Labs, Altlayer, Avail, and Radius.

Key Takeaways

Protocol Launches and Updates

  • Lido’s Launch: Lido, a liquid staking solution, is now live on Base.
  • Mantle’s New Protocols: Mantle has added new verified protocols to the Mantle Journey and announced its endpoint is live on Blast for Developers.
  • dYdX Chain: dYdX, a decentralized exchange, has announced that its chain is now live.
  • Linea Voyage: Linea Voyage, a blockchain platform, is now live on Intract.

Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Starknet and Dogo Ninja School: Starknet, a Layer 2 scaling solution, has announced its support for Dogo Ninja school in Istanbul.
  • Polygon and NEAR Protocol: Polygon, a Layer 2 scaling solution, has teamed up with NEAR Protocol to build a zkWasm.
  • Immutable and Ubisoft: Immutable, a Layer 2 scaling solution, has partnered with Ubisoft’s strategic innovation lab.
  • Dymension and NEAR Protocol: Dymension, a blockchain platform, has announced that NEAR Protocol will join its ecosystem.

Community Programs and Grants

  • Taiko’s Community Grant Program: Taiko, a blockchain platform, has announced the winners of its community grant program.
  • Polygon Village: Polygon has announced Polygon Village, a grant program for builders in the Polygon Ecosystem.
  • Scroll Community Meetups: Scroll, a blockchain platform, has introduced Scroll Community Meetups.

Testnets and Roadmaps

  • Avail’s Road to Mainnet: Avail, a Layer 2 scaling solution, has announced its road to Mainnet and the launch of its Clash of Nodes Incentivized testnet.
  • Radius’ First Testnet: Radius, a blockchain platform, has released its first testnet “Curie”.
  • Sorare’s Roadmap Update: Sorare, a blockchain-based football game, has revealed its roadmap update.

Product Releases and Upgrades

  • Loopring’s Multi-Network Earn Dapp: Loopring, a Layer 2 scaling solution, has launched its Multi-Network Loopring Earn Dapp.
  • Kinto’s Launch Program: Kinto, a blockchain platform, has released its launch program.
  • AltLayer’s Rollup Stack Upgrade: AltLayer, a Layer 2 scaling solution, has announced an upgrade to its rollup stack turbo for autonomous world and on-chain games leveraging Celestia.

Actionable Insights

  • Investigate the Potential of New Protocols: The launch of new protocols and updates by Lido, Mantle, dYdX, and Linea Voyage indicates a growing trend in the Layer 2 and modular blockchain space. Stakeholders should explore these new protocols for potential applications and collaborations.
  • Assess the Impact of Partnerships: The partnerships between Starknet and Dogo Ninja School, Polygon and NEAR Protocol, Immutable and Ubisoft, and Dymension and NEAR Protocol could lead to innovative solutions and expanded ecosystems. Stakeholders should assess the impact of these collaborations on their operations and strategies.
  • Explore Community Programs and Grants: The community programs and grants announced by Taiko, Polygon, and Scroll could provide opportunities for developers and builders. Stakeholders should explore these programs and grants for potential funding and community engagement opportunities.
  • Monitor Testnets and Roadmaps: The testnets and roadmaps released by Avail, Radius, and Sorare could provide insights into the future direction of these platforms. Stakeholders should monitor these developments to stay ahead of potential changes and opportunities.
  • Consider Product Releases and Upgrades: The product releases and upgrades by Loopring, Kinto, and AltLayer could enhance the functionality and performance of these platforms. Stakeholders should consider these releases and upgrades in their technology adoption and investment decisions.

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