Research Summary

This report provides updates on various blockchain projects for the week. Key highlights include the Ethereum Foundation’s launch of the Ethereum Execution Layer Specification (EELS), the imminent launch of StarkNet’s STRK Token, and the release of Arbitrum Stylus by Offchain Labs. Other notable updates include the announcement of Uniswap v4 following the Ethereum Dencun upgrade, the introduction of the HopeCard Visa service by, and the whitelist approval of EOS tokens by the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association.

Key Takeaways

Ethereum’s Developments

  • Ethereum Execution Layer Specification (EELS) Launch: The Ethereum Foundation has officially launched EELS, a reference implementation of the Ethereum Execution Layer. It is designed to help developers simulate the Ethereum Execution Layer, making it easier for them to develop and test applications.
  • 169th Ethereum Execution Layer Core Developers Meeting: The meeting discussed progress on Devnet-8 and the potential for Devnet-9 to serve as the final developer network before testing the Cancun upgrade fork on the testnet.
  • Uniswap v4 Announcement: Uniswap Labs announced that Uniswap v4 will be launched after the Ethereum London upgrade. The new version will bring updates like Hooks functionality, Singleton contracts, flash accounts, native ETH support, and more.

StarkNet’s STRK Token

  • Imminent Launch of STRK Token: StarkNet’s leading wallet, Braavos, announced the imminent launch of the STRK Token. The token will serve various purposes, including governance, staking, and acting as payment for Gas fees.
  • Removal of Disclosure Article: Braavos removed the disclosure article that had mentioned the imminent configuration and public release of the StarkNet STRK Token.

Other Notable Developments

  • Arbitrum Stylus Release: Offchain Labs announced the release of the code and public testnet for Arbitrum Stylus, which allows developers to build applications on the Arbitrum Nitro chain using traditional EVM tools and WASM-compatible languages.
  • HopeCard Visa Service: announced the launch of the HopeCard Visa service, allowing users to make online or offline payments at over 80 million merchants worldwide.
  • EOS Token Whitelist Approval: The EOS Network Foundation announced that EOS tokens have received whitelist approval from the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA).

Actionable Insights

  • Investigate the Potential of EELS: With the launch of EELS, developers have a new tool to simulate the Ethereum Execution Layer, which could lead to the development of more robust applications.
  • Monitor the Launch of STRK Token: The imminent launch of StarkNet’s STRK Token could have significant implications for the platform’s governance and transaction processes.
  • Explore the Capabilities of Arbitrum Stylus: The release of Arbitrum Stylus opens up new possibilities for developers to build applications on the Arbitrum Nitro chain.

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