Research Summary

The report covers significant updates from various cryptocurrency projects. Starknet Foundation has set the qualification deadline for its airdrop, with details to be shared later. Cosmos community voted for a proposal to reduce the maximum inflation rate of ATOM to 10%, and its co-founder Jae Kwon introduced a fork proposal called AtomOne. IOTA launched a $100 million ecosystem fund, while Chainlink announced the launch of Chainlink Stake v0.2 on the Ethereum mainnet. Hooked Protocol and Fuel also announced their respective ecosystem and grant funds. Other updates include the launch of Magic Eden’s plugin wallet, the closure of Points Parlor rewards program by DeGods and y00ts founders, controversy over BanklessDAO’s grant application, and Jupiter’s initiation of airdrop claiming for JUP tokens.

Key Takeaways

Starknet’s Airdrop Qualification Deadline

  • Starknet’s Airdrop Announcement: Starknet Foundation has announced the qualification deadline for its upcoming airdrop. The foundation plans to issue a total of 10 billion Stark (STRK) tokens, with 50% reserved by the organization, and the remainder allocated to core developers, ecosystem contributors, and the community.

Cosmos’s Inflation Rate Reduction and Fork Proposal

  • ATOM’s Inflation Rate Reduction: The Cosmos community voted in favor of a proposal to reduce the maximum inflation rate for ATOM from 20% to 10%. This change will decrease the stake annual yield from 19% to 13.4%.
  • AtomOne Fork Proposal: Cosmos co-founder Jae Kwon introduced a fork proposal called AtomOne, which aims to address different community perspectives on the mission, token economics, and security. The plan includes a pre-mining of 10% of ATOM1 for various purposes, while 80% of inflation and rewards will go to the stakers of validators chosen.

IOTA’s Ecosystem Fund and Chainlink’s Stake v0.2

  • IOTA’s $100 Million Ecosystem Fund: IOTA announced its registration as the first foundation under the regulations of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) in the United Arab Emirates. With a $100 million local ecosystem fund, it aims to establish a thriving web3 ecosystem and focus on real-world assets (RWA) business in the Middle East.
  • Chainlink Stake v0.2 Launch: Chainlink announced that Chainlink Stake v0.2 is now live on the Ethereum mainnet. The staking pool has expanded to 45 million LINK (8% of the current circulating supply). Existing stakers can migrate their staked LINK and rewards to the new version during a 9-day ‘priority migration’ period.

Hooked Protocol’s Education Ecosystem Fund and Fuel’s Grant Program

  • Hooked Protocol’s $50 Million Education Ecosystem Fund: Hooked Protocol announced the launch of a $50 million education ecosystem fund and initiated collaborations with educational institutions. The fund will leverage the HOOKED 2.0 ecosystem to explore learning innovations and underlying utilities of the HOOK token.
  • Fuel’s Q1 Grant Program: Fuel, the modular execution layer for Ethereum, announced that its first-quarter grant program is now open. This program will fund 10 projects, with each project eligible for up to $50,000, aimed at developing new web3 application use cases on Ethereum.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Starknet’s Airdrop: Keep an eye on Starknet Foundation’s upcoming airdrop, as it could potentially impact the distribution and value of Stark (STRK) tokens.
  • Understand the Implications of Cosmos’s Changes: The reduction in ATOM’s inflation rate and the introduction of the AtomOne fork proposal could significantly affect ATOM’s value and the overall Cosmos ecosystem.
  • Assess the Impact of IOTA’s Ecosystem Fund: The launch of IOTA’s $100 million ecosystem fund could stimulate the growth of the web3 ecosystem and real-world assets (RWA) business in the Middle East.
  • Consider the Effects of Chainlink Stake v0.2: The launch of Chainlink Stake v0.2 could influence the value of LINK tokens and the overall staking dynamics in the Chainlink ecosystem.
  • Explore Opportunities in Hooked Protocol’s and Fuel’s Funds: The launch of Hooked Protocol’s education ecosystem fund and Fuel’s grant program could present opportunities for developers and educational institutions interested in blockchain technology and web3 applications.

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