Research Summary

The report provides updates on various blockchain projects, including Uniswap’s dividend proposal, Magic Eden’s launch on Ethereum, and Blast’s mainnet going live. It also covers Frax Finance’s revenue allocation scheme, Wormhole Foundation’s donation from Arbitrum DAO, and Telegram’s plans for advertisement revenue payments on TON blockchain. Other topics include Shiba Inu’s privacy-focused network, IOTA Foundation’s partnerships, and the surge in MEMECOIN, Bitcoin forks, and BRC20 tokens.

Key Takeaways

Uniswap’s Dividend Proposal and New Features

  • Uniswap’s Dividend Proposal: Uniswap Foundation’s proposal to allocate protocol fees to UNI token delegates and stakers has been launched for voting. The proposal has received unanimous support with 10 million UNI tokens in agreement.
  • New Features: Uniswap has introduced limit orders on its web interface, a browser sidebar wallet, and an “Explore” tab with detailed token and pool information.

Frax Finance’s Revenue Allocation Scheme

  • Revenue Allocation Scheme: Frax Finance plans to announce its proposed income distribution scheme within the next 10 days. The scheme is expected to bring in significant revenue.

Wormhole Foundation’s Donation from Arbitrum DAO

  • Donation: Wormhole Foundation has received a donation of 1.8 million ARB (approximately $3.42 million) from Arbitrum DAO to migrate 100 million native USDC to Arbitrum.

Telegram’s Advertisement Revenue Payments on TON Blockchain

  • Advertisement Revenue Payments: Telegram plans to enable advertisement revenue payments and withdrawals on its dedicated TON blockchain. The platform will open to all advertisers in nearly a hundred countries in March.

Surge in MEMECOIN, Bitcoin Forks, and BRC20 Tokens

  • Surge: On March 2nd, MEMECOIN, Bitcoin forks, and BRC20 tokens experienced significant surges. SHIB rose by 54%, PEPE by 53%, WIF by 35%, DOGE by 18%, BCH by 28%, BCV by 21%, and SATS by 16.5%.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor Uniswap’s Dividend Proposal: Keep an eye on the outcome of Uniswap’s dividend proposal and its potential impact on UNI token holders.
  • Assess Frax Finance’s Revenue Allocation Scheme: Evaluate the details of Frax Finance’s proposed income distribution scheme once it is announced.
  • Understand the Implications of Wormhole Foundation’s Donation: Analyze the implications of the donation received by Wormhole Foundation from Arbitrum DAO and its potential impact on the migration of USDC to Arbitrum.
  • Consider Telegram’s Advertisement Revenue Payments: Consider the potential impact of Telegram’s plan to enable advertisement revenue payments and withdrawals on its TON blockchain.
  • Track the Performance of MEMECOIN, Bitcoin Forks, and BRC20 Tokens: Monitor the performance of MEMECOIN, Bitcoin forks, and BRC20 tokens following their recent surge.

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