Research Summary

The report covers a range of topics in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, including Matter Labs’ decision not to file new trademark applications for ZK, Polyhedra Network’s renaming of its token symbol, OP Labs’ release of a custom Gas token feature, Taiko’s mainnet launch, ENS Labs’ proposal to migrate to Layer 2, Friend Tech’s potential migration from Base,’s fee revenue surpassing Uniswap Labs, Uniswap Foundation’s delay in token staking and delegation rewards vote, EOS Network Foundation’s token economics implementation, and Atomicals Protocol’s release of its AVM Virtual Machine whitepaper.

Key Takeaways

Matter Labs’ Trademark Decision

  • Trademark Applications: Matter Labs has pledged not to file any new trademark applications for ZK, a term they aim to keep freely accessible. They also commit to financially supporting a community-led trademark holding entity and will transfer all applied-for ZK trademarks to this entity.

Polyhedra Network’s Token Renaming

  • Token Symbol Change: Polyhedra Network will change its token symbol from ZK to ZKJ when it lists on the cryptocurrency exchange HashKey Global. This follows a joint statement with Polygon and StarkWare condemning zkSync’s use of ZK as a token symbol.

OP Labs’ Custom Gas Token Feature

  • Custom Gas Token Feature: OP Labs has released a beta version of its custom Gas token feature, allowing the use of ERC20 tokens other than ETH for Gas fees. This enables projects to deploy chains using their own tokens or community tokens as Gas tokens.

Taiko’s Mainnet Launch

  • Mainnet Launch: Taiko, an Ethereum rollup-based platform, has launched on the mainnet. The Taiko token is expected to be released a few weeks after the mainnet launch, alongside a points incentive program called Trailblazers.

ENS Labs’ Migration Proposal

  • Migration to Layer 2: ENS Labs has proposed expanding the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) to Layer 2 to enhance scalability and reduce gas fees. This new Layer 2 network will become the primary platform for users to interact with ENS.

Actionable Insights

  • Trademark Protection: Companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space should consider Matter Labs’ approach to trademark protection, which aims to keep key terms freely accessible and protected from misuse.
  • Token Symbol Selection: The controversy surrounding the use of ZK as a token symbol highlights the importance of careful token symbol selection to avoid potential conflicts and misunderstandings.
  • Custom Gas Token Features: Blockchain projects could benefit from exploring OP Labs’ custom Gas token feature, which allows the use of ERC20 tokens other than ETH for Gas fees.
  • Mainnet Launch Strategies: Taiko’s mainnet launch strategy, which includes the release of a token and a points incentive program, could serve as a model for other blockchain projects planning their own mainnet launches.
  • Layer 2 Migration: ENS Labs’ proposal to migrate to Layer 2 underscores the potential benefits of Layer 2 solutions for enhancing scalability and reducing gas fees.

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