The article provides a recap of the past week in the crypto world. It highlights the mixed sentiments in the market, with hope emerging from BlackRock’s announcement of seeking SEC approval for a Bitcoin ETF. However, it also mentions the bear market trend with USDT facing downward pressure. Other developments mentioned include Ordinals 2.0 and Uniswap V4.

Actionable Insights:

  1. Monitor BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Filing: BlackRock’s filing for a spot Bitcoin ETF is a significant development in the crypto space. Monitoring the progress of this filing can provide insights into the SEC’s stance on Bitcoin ETFs.
  2. Track USDT Market Trends: The article mentions that USDT is facing downward pressure in the bear market. Keeping an eye on USDT’s market trends can help understand the overall market sentiment.
  3. Stay Updated on Crypto Developments: The article mentions developments like Ordinals 2.0 and Uniswap V4. Staying updated on these and other crypto developments can provide insights into the evolving crypto landscape.

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