Dashboard Summary

The dashboard provides a comprehensive analysis of the LSD (Lybra, Pendle, Unsheth, and more) DeFi ecosystem. It tracks the total value locked (TVL) in various protocols and the market share of each. The dashboard also monitors the usage of different LSD tokens and their market share. Additionally, it provides insights into the LSD stablecoin supply and its distribution across different tokens.

Data Points

  • Total LSD Value locked in Protocols
  • Market Share LSD TVL [By Protocol]
  • LSD Inflows [By Protocol]
  • LSD TVL [By Protocol]
  • LSD TVL % [Market Share By Protocol]
  • LSD TVL $ [Market Share By Protocol]
  • Total LSDFi usage by token
  • Query results lsd usage by token
  • LSD usage $ [By Token]
  • LSDfi summer
  • LSD used in protocols % [By Token]
  • Total LSD Stablecoin supply [Market Share]
  • LSD Stablecoin [Market Share]
  • LSD Stablecoins $ [Market Share]
  • LSD Stablecoins % [Market Share]

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