• Dec 27, 2023


Podcast Summary

This podcast episode delves into the hosts’ predictions for the crypto market in 2024, their reflections on the performance of their 2023 predictions, and their personal investment experiences. They also discuss the impact of various crypto products and companies, such as Solana, FriendTech, Privy, and Pudgies, on the market. The hosts also touch on the potential of decentralized infrastructure and the hype around AI and Real World Assets (RWAs).

Key Takeaways

Reflections on 2023 Predictions

  • Market Performance: The hosts noted that the markets performed differently than expected in 2023, with the NASDAQ showing a strong performance. They also highlighted the growth of self-custody wallets, the emergence of DEXs building their own chains, and the market share changes in trading and NFT platforms.
  • Failed Predictions: One of the hosts had predicted that Gary Gensler would leave the SEC, which did not come true. They also discussed the survival of Solana as an Ethereum competitor and the ongoing dominance of JPEG NFTs.

2024 Market Predictions

  • Risk-On Approach: The hosts speculate that the markets will adopt a “risk-on” approach in 2024, influenced by the decisions of the Federal Reserve.
  • Next-Gen L1s: The hosts emphasized the importance of paying attention to next-gen L1s (Layer 1 blockchains) and the potential for mainstream adoption and real use cases.

Crypto Products and Companies of the Year

  • Top Picks: Solana was declared as the crypto product of the year, while FriendTech and Privy were recognized as the best products of the year. Luca Netz of Pudgies was recognized as the best founder of the year.
  • Breakout Companies: Coinbase, Tensor, and Jeto were highlighted as the breakout companies of the year for their contributions to the crypto industry.

Personal Investment Experiences

  • Best Investment: Solana was mentioned as the personal investment highlight of the year.
  • Worst Investment: Real estate was criticized for its high fees, redundancy, and lack of modernization, making it the worst investment of the year. The hosts also expressed disappointment with their investments in DeFi tokens, specifically UNI and LEO.

Sentiment Analysis

  • Bullish: The hosts expressed a bullish sentiment towards Solana, FriendTech, and Privy, recognizing their contributions to the crypto industry. They also showed optimism about the potential of next-gen L1s and decentralized infrastructure.
  • Bearish: The hosts showed a bearish sentiment towards real estate investments, criticizing the industry for its high fees and lack of modernization. They also expressed disappointment with their investments in DeFi tokens, specifically UNI and LEO.
  • Neutral: The hosts maintained a neutral stance on the hype around AI and RWAs, cautioning about distinguishing between real and non-real applications in the field. They also expressed uncertainty about the viability of the real estate business model in a high-interest rate environment.

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