Research Summary

The report covers significant developments in the DeFi space. Key highlights include ChainLink’s CCIP going live on multiple mainnets, Aave’s stablecoin $GHO launch, Uniswap’s announcement of UniswapX, and the launch of Mantle mainnet. The report also mentions governance proposals from various platforms like Celo Network, Synapse, and Beefy DAO. Additionally, it provides an overview of upcoming events such as the launch of Unibot X and Synthetix’s Infinex.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor ChainLink’s CCIP: It’s live on Avalanche, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon mainnets, with its usage requiring fee payments in $LINK.
  • Observe Aave’s $GHO: The stablecoin has gone live and can be minted from assets supplied on Aave V3.
  • Track Uniswap’s UniswapX: An aggregation protocol that offers improved token-swapping mechanics, gas-free cross-chain swaps, and MEV protection.
  • Watch Mantle Mainnet: It is live along with the $BIT to $MNT conversion tool.
  • Follow Governance Proposals: Various platforms like Celo Network, Synapse, and Beefy DAO have proposed changes that could impact their ecosystems.
  • Stay Updated with Upcoming Events: Unibot X and Synthetix’s Infinex are set to launch, which could present new opportunities.

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