Research Summary

The article covers significant DeFi news, governance proposals, upcoming events, general news, and tweets of the week. Key highlights include MakerDAO’s proposal to implement the Enhanced DAI Savings Rate, Worldcoin’s mainnet launch, and Gains Network’s plan to increase $GNS’s total supply. The report also mentions several governance proposals, such as MakerDAO’s vote to raise the debt ceiling and Parrot Finance’s proposal to end the $PRT token. The document also provides a look ahead at events such as $LTC halving and the launch of Frax V3.

Actionable Insights

  • Monitor MakerDAO’s proposal: The proposal to implement the Enhanced DAI Savings Rate is expected to pass, allowing $DAI holders to earn up to 8% yields.
  • Worldcoin’s mainnet launch: The launch of Worldcoin’s mainnet along with its $WLD token is a significant event. It initially launched with a low float of 1.1% and a fully-diluted valuation of $22B.
  • Gains Network’s supply increase: Gains Network is set to increase $GNS’s total supply by 14% in September, increasing $GNS’s revenue capture from 33% to 60%.
  • Upcoming $LTC halving: The $LTC halving is estimated to take place on August 2nd, which could impact the market.
  • Launch of Frax V3: Frax V3 is set to launch within 30 days, which could bring new features and improvements to the platform.

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