Research Summary

The report analyzes the airdrop distribution of ArkhamIntel’s intelligence marketplace, which launched with an airdrop to over 47,000 users, distributing over $16.4m. The average number of $ARKM tokens received per wallet was 522.5, but the median was much lower at around 197.4, indicating a skewed distribution. Approximately 90.11% of all wallets received less than 1000 $ARKM tokens, while around 0.33% of wallets received more than 10,000 tokens. However, the majority of wallets with less than 1000 tokens only received 41.4% of the total tokens. Five wallets received over 100k $ARKM tokens, collectively worth almost $600k, and most of these tokens were quickly sold or transferred to exchanges.

Actionable Insights

  • Skewed Distribution: The $ARKM airdrop reveals a skewed distribution, with a small pool of wallets receiving the majority of tokens.
  • Quick Offloading: Most of the wallets that received a large number of tokens quickly sold them or transferred them to exchanges, which could significantly affect the token’s liquidity and price.
  • Monitoring Large Wallets: It may be beneficial to monitor large wallets for potential market impacts due to their significant influence on token distribution and liquidity.

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