Research Summary

The report provides an overview of different types of data tools available in the crypto market. It covers three main verticals: Landscape Monitoring Data Tools, Contract and Transaction Analysis Tools, and Data-Focused Infrastructures. The report delves into various providers in areas such as Centralized Exchanges Market Data, DeFi, Entity Trackers, NFT, DAO, Social Analytics, Fundraising Trackers, Macro, Token Discovery, Dashboard Platforms, Block Explorers, Contract Audit Tools, Investigative, Wallet Explorers, Storage, Data Marketplaces, Oracles, Database Solutions, and Data Indexing.

Actionable Insights

  • Understanding Crypto Data Tools: The report provides a comprehensive understanding of various data tools in the crypto market, which can be used to make informed decisions.
  • Exploring Different Verticals: The report covers three main verticals of data tools, providing a broad perspective on the available tools and their functionalities.
  • Identifying Providers: The report lists various providers in different areas, which can be useful for identifying potential partners or tools for specific needs.

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