Research Summary

The report discusses the performance of Hashflow, a decentralized exchange (DEX), in Q2 2023. The number of users interacting with Hashflow increased significantly in Q2, with Daily Active Users (DAUs) up 60% quarter over quarter, including 136,000 new users. Hashflow facilitated over $1.5 billion in volume in Q2, up 7.4% QoQ. The average trade size fell, but the number of trades increased to over 500,000 trades. Hashflow’s trading volume on Arbitrum more than doubled in Q2. The Hashflow forum and decentralized governance were significantly busier in Q2, likely driving the 20% increase in the number of HFT stakers.

Actionable Insights

  • Expand User Base: Hashflow’s significant increase in DAUs and new users in Q2 2023 indicates a growing interest in the platform. Efforts should be made to maintain this growth trend by improving user experience and introducing new features.
  • Capitalize on Volume Growth: With over $1.5 billion in volume facilitated in Q2, Hashflow should continue to optimize its platform to handle increased trading volume and maintain its performance.
  • Focus on Arbitrum: The doubling of trading volume on Arbitrum suggests a growing preference for this platform. Hashflow should consider focusing resources on improving its Arbitrum offering.
  • Encourage Governance Participation: The increased activity on Hashflow’s forum and decentralized governance indicates a high level of user engagement. Hashflow should continue to encourage this participation, as it likely contributes to the increase in HFT stakers.

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